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OilXCoin as a Security Token.

The launch of the "OILX" cryptocurrency offers owners of small to mid-size natural gas and oil reserves a fresh financing option for conventional extraction and operations. It also presents investors with a unique opportunity to tap into this profitable sector using OilXCoin as a "Value Chain Digital Asset."

OilXCoin's business model integrates the traditional strengths and financial benefits of the established petroleum sector with the innovative potential of blockchain technology and the enthusiasm of the crypto investment community.

OilXCoin is in the final stages of preparing to submit a prospectus to the FMA (Liechtenstein's regulator) and FINMA (Switzerland's regulator) for formal approval as an "investment token with contractual basis." This milestone will offer investors a distinct advantage over the many unregulated, non-security tokens frequently scrutinized by global regulators.

OilXCoin's Business Model(s).

OilXCoin's unique advantage lies in its two intertwined business models that mutually profit from each other. Crucially for investors, each model can generate value independently of the other's performance.

This structure provides a "safety net within a safety net" as the token is asset-backed and its value is supported by two separate business models, not just one.

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Explanation of the individual steps.

I. Natural gas & crude oil is extracted from underground reservoirs with a clear focus on minimizing environmental impact through innovation

II. Where possible resource is sold to local refineries to be used as regionally in order to further optimize the CO2 footprint

III. The majority of the resulting (offchain) funds are channeled as a reinvestment into the complete business model cycle

IV. Allocated funds are reinvested to increase extraction capacity of existing reservoirs or to acquire additional gas-in-place (GIP) or oil-in-place (OIP)

1. Digital transactions are executed on the Ethereum blockchain using the OilXCoin smart contract (e.g. purchasing OILX with ETH)

2. A native transaction fee (TF) of 0.75% of the transaction volume is leveed for each transaction that occurs

3. Via smart contracts, the resulting TF funds see a minimum of 70% directly reinvested and 12% allocated as a royalty to NFT holders

4. A portion of the channeled funds can be reinvested into liquidity pools to ensure that transactions can occur smoothly and at a fair price

The staged launch of OilXCoin is set to begin in the second half of 2024.